Welcome To I Love Food ATL Co.

The I Love Food ATL Company, is a registered Media Company, Focused on Connecting People with Minority Owned Businesses Across America. Based in Atlanta, GA, The I Love Food ATL Brand is best known for playing a key role in helping small businesses stay afloat during the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During this time, many businesses had to operate under strict conditions, with no outlook on what each day would bring. I Love Food ATL was able to leverage the use of social media and connect patrons to businesses across Atlanta! A simple post of hours of operations and carry-out / dine-in options, brought customers back into the retail realm.

At I Love Food ATL, We Pride Ourselves on Doing, Out the Kindness of our Heart, and with Lots of Love!

“Its All Love… Absolutely!”

Kaye Dinero, Founder