About the Founder

Kaye Dinero, Founder of The I Love Food Co.

Kaye Dinero, a Detroit Native, is the Founder of The I Love Food ATL Company. Since Childhood, One of Her Favorite Hobbies was Eating Specialty Foods and Trying Exotic Dishes.

After Graduating from Michigan State University, Kaye Dinero Lived in Various Cities Across the United States, Trying New Delicacies and Working in Corporate America.

Kaye Dinero has Always Been a Supportive Hub for Her Friends and Family. She prides Herself in Giving Back to the Community and Keeping Education at the Forefront.

In 2021, Kaye Dinero Decided to Retire from Corporate America to Pursue Her Passion!

The I Love Food ATL is a Registered Media & Production Company. “It’s More Than Food, Its a Brand and a Lifestyle”


Digital Content Creator

In addition to being a Food Promoter, I also capture and create digital content that can be published across various social media platforms. I have over 15 Years of Experience in Social Media and Digital Content Syndication. If you’re looking for a videographer for your event, content editing, promotional productions, or help growing your fan base, I set no limits on what we can create together!

Professional Resources

A Large Portion of My Time Involves Helping Food Service Vendors Scale Their Business. The I Love Food Truck Project focuses on Professional Development, Documentation Resources, and Marketing Tools! With over 10 Years of Corporate Experience, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing, I Pride Myself on Sharing My Knowledge with Others!

Let’s make something together.